LPG tanks

DrachenGas offers a wide range of horizontal or vertical LPG tanks to be placed above ground and underground, to satisfy every need.

DrachenGas tanks are made of high-quality steel and designed to contain LPG up to a maximum working pressure: a special safety valve prevents excessive internal overpressure and ensures the stability of the tank.

Suiting your use and the local factors, we can advise you extensively and select the right LPG container with you. We have the right container size for every requirement. Containers are assembled with the greatest care. You can always rely on the fact that our service technicians and partners install containers and pipes in accordance with the current safety standards and assembly conditions. Regular maintenance afterwards guarantees maximum safety.

There are various installation options on your site, including above ground and visible, or underground and almost out of sight. For the first option, a concrete foundation is sufficient for the installation. The second option requires excavation work to create the pit.

Buried underground storage

This version requires the least amount of space and offers very good protection from external influences. It fits harmoniously into your garden design and is the preferred option for private land. Before the underground container can be stored, a 20 cm-thick sand bed must be created. A stone-free sand layer, also 20 cm thick, must enclose the container on all sides. Then, the container is covered with at least 30 cm of earth. Additional buoyancy protection may be required depending on the location.

Underground storage buried

*Small deviations are possible depending on manufacturer.

**Also available with central arrangement of fittings 2,750 mm.

Free-standing installation above ground

The LPG container can simply be installed outdoors and above ground affordably and without a great deal of construction effort. A stable concrete foundation is all that you require. With this installation version, you can use plants and bushes for an attractive camouflage.

Overground setup free-standing

2,700 l 4,850 l 6,400 l
Fill quantity 1,200 kg 2,100 kg 2,900 kg
Fill quantity 2,340 l 4,120 l 5,440 l
Empty weight 670 kg 1,020 kg 1,170 kg
Length L 2,460 mm 4,255 mm 5,500 mm
Diameter D 1,250 mm 1,250 mm 1,250 mm
Heigh H 1,600 mm 1,600 mm 1,600 mm
Heigh H 1,400 mm 1,400 mm 1,400 mm
Distance A 810 mm 810 mm 810 mm**

* Small deviations are possible depending on manufacturer.

**Also available with central arrangement of fittings 2,750 mm.

Room installation above ground

Above ground containers can also be installed in rooms made from non-flammable components, or components with very low flammability. Walls require a fire-resistant structure (F30) or fire resistance (F90) as well as adjacent rooms which have no openings to this room and which are gas-proof (e.g. break rooms). More points to consider: no channels, shafts or openings to rooms which are situated lower down, the presence of fire-resistant doors (which open outwards – but not into adjacent rooms) as well as an explosion-protected electrical system, no storage of objects. Sufficient ventilation is also necessary. This is guaranteed by the ventilation openings (2 and 5).



1.Safety labeling
2./5.Ventilation opening
3.Vent line
4.Rain cover

Room size for setting up containers in rooms (minimum clear dimensions)

2,700 l 4.00 m 2.50 m 2.20 m
4,800 l 6.00 m 2.50 m 2.20 m
6,400 l 7.50 m 2.50 m 2.20 m

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