Health, Safety & Environment

HSE guidelines

Healthcare, occupational, system, process and product safety and environmental protection all have high priority for DrachenGas. As well as a high level of customer satisfaction and our financial success, these are equal components of our business activity and represent a significant company goal. The measures and processes used here comply with, or exceed, the legal requirements and the usual industry standards. The following principles represent our philosophy when it comes to health, safety and environmental protection:

  • We comply with statutory and internal regulations and aspire to a constant improvement of our safety and environmental standards to eliminate material and non-material damage.
  • Business interests do not come before health, safety and environmental protection.
  • We optimise our working, production and logistics processes to use the necessary resources more efficiently.
  • We offer solutions to our customers to increase efficiency, reduce their emissions and energy consumption, and thus to reduce the harm caused to the environment.
  • Occupational safety and the protection of health and the environment must play a central role in the development and implementation of every single activity.
  • Our filling plants and systems fulfil all legal framework conditions. Regular external and internal inspections and audits ensure a safe, faultless and environmentally conscious operation.
  • In risk assessments, potential risk factors are identified, analysed, documented and eliminated or reduced by taking the corresponding measures. These measures serve to avoid harm to people, and damage to systems and the environment.
  • We communicate openly with employees, business partners, neighbours, authorities and other external interest groups.
  • A comprehensive operational alarm and hazard prevention plan supports us when resolving any emergency situations that arise.
  • Thanks to regular further training measures and instruction, our employees are trained regarding the topics of HSE management. Each employee is required to support and actively participate in our constant striving for improvement.
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