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DrachenGas supplies LPG in cylinders and small tanks of different capacities according to your needs: an economical, safe and ready to use fuel that will allow you to cook, have hot water, heat or cool your home and accompany you in your leisure time.
Our efficient and widespread logistics network guarantees a constant and reliable service.

You will always find a DrachenGas consultant near your home. For any request or information please contact your nearest branch.

Home heating and warm water processing

LPG brings energy into the home. Whether its a new-build or a renovated house – a LPG system can cope as well as ever in a direct comparison with other forms of energy. The acquisition, operating and usage costs can be calculated easily and protect you from sudden surprises.


With modern condensing boilers, you can save up to 15 % of your energy costs compared to older conventional heating systems, in combination with a solar plant, you could even save up to 30 %. The combination of LPG heating with solar thermal energy gives you the perfect energy mix. The solar plant provides your house with warm water and supports the heating for your work. Under optimum circumstances, the plant can contribute up to 70 percent of the required heat output. This keeps you warm and protects your wallet.

Cooking, baking, barbecue

Whether in the kitchen, on the terrace or outdoors – LPG can supply you easily and safely at any time with mobile energy from containers and cylinders. DrachenGas in cylinders is available for the leisure sector in the current sizes of 5 kg and 11 kg. This means you always have the right size ready for portable use. LPG in cylinders brings you crucial independence, both when having an exciting barbecue with guests and when operating a gas-fuelled heat lamp on your own terrace. In no time at all, the LPG cylinder is connected to the grill, terrace heat lamp or gas cooker and ready for use right away.


The advantages at a glance: temperatures which can be regulated with precision, directly available heat, perfect economy thanks to the high fuel value, reliable supply in all situations, can be used with numerous kitchen appliances – whether inside or out: Let us advise you.

Cogeneration units (CHP plants)

Whether industry or private household: if you use power and heat continuously, a cogeneration unit can reduce your energy costs in the long term. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduce by more than one third. In addition, power that is not used can be stored in the public power network (feed-in remuneration). This turns your source of energy into a source of income and a cogeneration unit soon pays for itself.

By using the exhaust heat to hear your own rooms, halls, stalls, etc, the degree of effectiveness of a cogeneration is at almost 90 percent. This leads to a whole 35 % less environmental pollution than generating energy from a large power station. With a cogeneration unit, you are not just looking after your wallet, but also nature. The small powerhouse is available in a wide range of versions, meaning that they can be incorporated into any existing building technology and for any power requirement. For systems in detached houses or duplexes, we talk about the nano CHP plant. These are usually sufficient to completely supply a house with heating energy and cover approx, 80 % of the power requirement. The combination of a cogeneration unit with cooling technology allow the exhaust heat generated to also be used for environmentally-friendly refrigeration.


Our energy system consultants are happy to provide an economic efficiency calculation for you, free or charge, and recommend the best solution for your own home. In cooperation with our partners, we guarantee a complete care-free service when planning, installing, assembling and maintaining your cogeneration plant.

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