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How to became an intermediary

A partnership with DrachenGas for a shared success

We would like to advocate for the interesting and alternative energy, Liquid Petroleum Gas, together with you, in your capacity as heating engineer, energy advisor, architect, planner, cylinder gas retailer or owner of a petrol station. As part of a partnership with you, we would promote and support your sales. This means that you can trust that we will always be available for you, around the clock. We are a Liquid Petroleum Gas supply company operating nationwide, and we work together with many qualified partners who are just as convinced of the climate-friendly and economical energy, Liquid Petroleum Gas, as we are.

Your advantages in a partnership:
  • With the mobile LPG carrier, you can expand your range and thus gain new orders and customers.
  • With the energy source LPG, you have a very strong alternative to oil and natural gas heating, and thus can increase your opportunities for new business. We will provide a full service for you, as well as attractive intermediary commission.
We can offer you
  • As a DrachenGas partner, participation in specialist seminars about LPG technologies and the applicable TRF (Technical Rules for Liquefied Gas). All kinds of support with planning and constructing commercial and domestic LPG systems.
  • Supply of LPG system components
  • Support in applications for regulatory approval
  • Provision of marketing material for gaining new customers
  • Cooperation and support from our energy advisors in your area
You will always profit from cooperation with DrachenGas.

If you are a partner for LPG heating, you can participate in many benefits – this will pay off in your favour! It’s this simple:
New customer intermediation
You customer has decided to install an LPG heating system. Connect us to this customer.
Heating installation
You install the LPG heating system from the entrance to the building. You are also welcome to install the LPG container at the heating system for us (installation of the pipes from the LPG container to the building entrance).
For the successful intermediation of a new DrachenGas customer, we will pay you attractive commissions. The more customers you connect to us, the greater your commissions per customer.
All-round carefree service
Of course, we will also support you via our energy advisors near you for all issues relating to LPG supply. We are happy to accompany you to appointments with the customer. With training courses, you can become qualified as a service partner for our firm, and then perhaps take on LPG system services for us – this will secure you attractive additional business!

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