TRF training courses

For DrachenGas, it is always very important to work together with partners in sanitation, heating and air-conditioning, who are familiar with the technical rules relating to LPG (Technische Regeln Flüssiggas). Each year, DrachenGas holds a large number of “TRF training courses” across the country for the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning trades.

These seminars, which are normally one day long, are established based on the respective applicable “Technische Regeln Flüssiggas” and, as well as theoretical knowledge, also teach the practical handling of LPG. After successful participation, the partners receive a certificate which entitles them to install, inspect and commission low-pressure LPG systems.

Even after this course, DrachenGas is happy to help their partners with any type of issue.

In these training courses, awareness of the environment is becoming more and more of a main topic. In this way, we inform our partners about the latest government resolutions regarding CO2 taxation as well as possible funding for measures to modernise old heating systems and about all trades around the home. Due to further climate protection measures, the importance of LPG is increasing compared to fuel oil.

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