DrachenGas click & drive

DrachenGas click & drive®

Changing the cylinder – it’s never been so quick and easy – with our click & drive® system!


Nothing is worse than operational downtime, because this costs money!


With our new click & drive® engine gas cylinder for forklifts, changing cylinders is now quicker, easier and safer.


While the conventional exchange still takes several minutes, the click & drive® engine gas cylinder is exchanged within a few seconds – and completely without the need of tools.

The gas cylinder can be swapped out very easily with just one turn thanks to the click & drive® adapter. The in-built non-return function prevents gas from leaking out, even if the cylinder valve is open.


click & drive® engine gas cylinders from DrachenGas stand out thanks to their blue collar and a special valve and are the interesting solution for use with industrial trucks: fast, economical and environmentally friendly.


Interested? Then get in touch with us today! We are happy to demonstrate to you how to change the engine gas cylinders in no time at all with our click & drive system®.

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