Company filling station

Company filling station

The use of a company filling station (engine gas fuelling system) makes sense if you have a high level of consumption. A DrachenGas rented filling station makes sense from 3 forklifts or 3 full shifts per working day.


The advantages are obvious:

  • No storage of engine gas cylinders
  • No fumbling and fixing cylinders on the forklift

As well as a lower gas price compared to the cylinder gas supply, you also benefit from a high supply certainty. Thanks to the tank content display, you don’t have to worry about unexpected downtime and you reduce the loss of residual gas quantities as you don’t have to return engine gas cylinders which are sometimes only partially empty.

Depending on the container size, storage quantities between 2,300 and 5,400 litres are available. The overall length of the systems is between five and seven metres.

The regulation-compliant system setup is prepared by us, approval and the TÜV inspection are applied for under our direction. We also look after the legally required recurring inspections of your DrachenGas company filling station.

The engine gas cylinder is the right choice for smaller to medium-sized needs.

Changing the cylinders is quick and easy to do. You can accommodate and store your reserve cylinders in cylinder boxes or simply in transport pallets which we are happy to make available to you.

You can rely on us because we know how important a reliable supply is for you. Our customers are primarily supplied by our own cylinder gas carriers. We can supply you completely as you wish, within regular scheduled tours or by order via telephone, fax or email.


Changing the cylinders – so quick and simple

Nothing is worse than operational downtime, because this costs money. With our 11 kg DrachenGas click & drive® engine gas cylinder for forklifts, changing cylinders is now quicker, easier and safer. While the conventional exchange takes several minutes, the DrachenGas click & drive® engine gas cylinder is exchanged within a few seconds – and completely without the need of tools.

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