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LPG for your company

Thanks to its characteristics, LPG is used in Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotel – Restaurants – Cafes) applications and in many industrial sectors, from construction to food, from manufacturing to metallurgy.

DrachenGas offers industries and small/medium-sized enterprises highly specialised support in identifying solutions suitable for different requirements, analysing energy consumption and needs.

Our aim is to set up proposals that, thanks to the use of LPG, can make production processes more efficient, simple and economical, while reducing the environmental impact.

The topic of energy efficiency in particular is gaining more and more importance for the producing industries with high energy demands. An economical and responsible energy consumption is no longer just important for climate protection, but also ensure the success of your own company.

Cogeneration units

Whether industry, hospitality or private household: if you use power and heat continuously, a cogeneration unit can reduce your energy costs in the long term.


Forklift trucks

There’s one for every purpose. For small and large loads, for even ground as well as for use with inclines and unevenness.


Hall and large room heating

Larger areas and high ceilings place particular demands on heating.


LPG-fuelled heat pumps

Heat pumps are a real energy miracle, they save costs and protect the climate.


Process energy

LPG is an extremely versatile energy source and thus the ideal process energy.



Agriculture features numerous areas of application where clever energy supply solutions are in demand.



A great deal of energy is required each day in the hotel and restaurant sector.



Winter construction – no reason to temporarily suspend all building activities.

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