Winter construction – no reason to temporarily suspend all building activities. Construction heating with DrachenGas ensures that you can keep up with your construction work schedule, independent of the weather outside. The work can continue on schedule and under economic conditions.


Many construction services can only be completed with the corresponding minimum temperature. Whether dry construction work, screed and floor covering work or interior plaster – We supply the necessary temperature with DrachenGas. Modern gas heating appliances offer an economical use of energy and a low consumption. Gas heater fans with thermostat controls ensure reliable heating with a high level of efficiency. Approved hose lines (BGV D34) ensure a flexible use of the gas appliance at the construction site.

Container heating: With DrachenGas, we can create a feel-good climate for construction supervisors and workers. Heating work and break rooms and supplying warm water to the wash containers are ensured with LPG at a low price.

LPG can be stored on site in larger quantities than other fuels, meaning that the supply is ensured over public holidays and long weekends, even if no one is on the construction site.

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