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DrachenGas single meter system

The DrachenGas all-round package

With the DrachenGas all-round package and the various options, we can provide many services for you, such as supplying, setting up, establishing and commissioning the LPG system. As part of our cooperation, we can ensure that you receive regular LPG deliveries. We can also take care of your servicing and the legally prescribed inspections of the LPG system. With our complete package, we can take on all servicing tasks at a flat-rate price.

Aside from our one-off connection fee, you then only have to pay a monthly basic price and the costs for the LPG that you use. Everything else is included in our package. This means that you don’t have to worry about inspections, servicing and filling the container.

As part of our premium package, we take on the following tasks for you:

  • Supply, setup and installation of the LPG container on your property,
  • Connecting the LPG container to your house,
  • Timely delivery of LPG,
  • Taking on all servicing and any repairs, as well as the legally prescribed container inspections,
  • A 24-hour emergency service which is always there for you.


You just have to arrange the ground work and, in the case of an underground LPG container installation, the excavation pit.

DrachenGas multiple meter system

The things that are interesting for individual consumers can of course be expanded to multiple consumers. Whether weekend resorts, terraced houses, holiday home developments etc., we can install one/several LPG containers and connect the consumers. For this, each consumer pays a one-off connection fee as well as a monthly basic fee for the meter. Each consumer is only charged for the LPG that they have used.

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