Engine gas/forklift gas

Engine gas/forklift gas

Count on LPG from DrachenGas as the operating energy for your forklifts or other industrial trucks and get a high-performance and environmentally-friendly fuel of the highest quality.


In contrast to the diesel and electric varieties, forklift trucks with DrachenGas engine gas offer many advantages:


  • Ready to use at almost any time of day
  • No machine downtime
  • Quick to refuel
  • Can be operated in halls without restrictions
  • Can be used for inclines and on uneven ground
  • Low maintenance intervals
  • The motor is cared for thanks to the low-residue combustion

DrachenGas has the energy and you have the choice between the supply types of engine gas from the cylinder or from your own filling station.

Regardless of the purpose of use or sector: with engine gas, you have made the right choice economically and ecologically. For forklifts or other industrial trucks, there are special engine gas cylinders with a content of 11 kg.

Sure supply
You can get engine gas directly by carrier or at one of many DrachenGas sales points. Once the deposit has been paid, full cylinders are exchanged for empty ones. And this in the classic engine gas cylinder as well as the innovative click & drive system which allows the cylinders to be changed without requiring tools.

Forklift fuelling system
If you would like to use large quantities of engine gas more conveniently, you might be interested in your own forklift fuelling system. Drachengas will determine the economic efficiency of such a system with you in a personal consultation. Of course, we will plan and set up your forklift fuelling system for you. Converting the forklift from cylinders to fuel tank operation is not a complicated process. The costs for the conversion of your forklift are soon recovered through operating your own filling station.

One system – double the advantage. In terms of both composition and the control aspect, engine gas is not just suitable for forklift trucks, but also for personal vehicles. A forklift fuelling system can be fitted with a calibrated petrol pump and then it is equally available for refuelling both forklift trucks and LPG vehicles. As LPG for cars is still subject to favourable taxation, you can benefit twice. By using engine gas, you can halve your petrol costs immediately. Drachengas are happy to advise you!

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