DrachenGas solutions for your mobility

DrachenGas supplies LPG to meet your personal mobility needs as well as for your company.

Autogas – your ideal power

The flexible, multi-talented LPG can also be used as operating power for vehicles. Instead of petrol, conventional petrol engines can also be operated with LPG. Whether it is for a taxi company, business fleet, courier service or private car – by converting to LOG, you can find several advantages.

  • LPG currently allows you to save 30 % on fuel costs as opposed to diesel vehicles
  • With Autogas you are doing less damage to the environment, as using LPG produces up to 15 % less CO2 emissions than a gasoline engine. Exhaust emissions are also about 18% lower. Since no fine particle emits, you can drive on low emission zones.
  • There are about 6,500 Autogas filling stations in Germany, which makes you fully mobile. More than 20,000 Autogas filling stations are expected for the whole of Europe.
  • When bivalent driving with car gas or gasoline, you will feel virtually no difference. Your engine runs as smoothly and reliably as with gasoline. Refuelling is just as convenient and fast as before.
  • The bivalent drive system driven with Autogas as well as with gasoline, will give you almost twice as much range as if you drive monovalently.
  • Your vehicle engine will also be grateful for the clean combustion
LPG for cars – your ideal drive for company vehicles

The ideal fuel alternative for company vehicles – environmentally friendly and saves costs.


Lots of driving = lots of savings!


Reduce your high operating costs for your vehicle: Convert your fleet to car engine gas very easily. This will save you up to half of your fuel costs!

When converting to car engine gas (LPG):

  • You are also protecting the environment at the same time: LPG for cars burns in a more eco-friendly way than petrol and with significantly fewer pollutant emissions.
  • You are widely supplied when on the move thanks to over 6500 LPG filling stations across Germany.
  • The investments into converting are recovered within the shortest time.
  • So it’s worth it to convert or to look out for LPG fuel possibilities when buying new vehicles.
  • Whether fleet solutions or a company filling station – we are happy to advise you.
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