Fire-fighting courses

LPG is excellently suited to the realistic operation of an extinguishing exercise facility. Wildfires, pressure fire, flange fire to simulate burning gas lines or flashovers, these scenarios and much, much more can be illustrated with the variable features of the propane LPG.

Here, the energy content of the flame, as well as the flame pattern itself, can be influenced by simple technical measures. There is a large spectrum of possibilities. Beginning with a fire from the gas phase for small fires, with the LPG seam pressure in the container, dependent on the environmental temperature, right up to the use of pressure increase facilities for particularly energy-rich fires from the liquid phase.

With a supply system tuned to your exercise conditions, consisting of an LPG container, pipe-work installation and distribution stations (if necessary also LPG evaporator and pressure increase facilities), we ensure an effective and sure supply for all fires.


LPG for mobile extinguishing exercise facilities

A lot of energy in a small space and therefore easy to transport. When fuelling mobile extinguishing exercise facilities, LPG really shows its strengths.

We are the right partner to supply your mobile exercise facility. With us, you get cylinder gas supplies according to your specifications, reliably and on time.

Do you want to expand your exercise facility, or simply improve the flame pattern? Then get in touch with us! We’ll help you with the technical implementation.


LPG training for fire-fighters

For over three decades, we have been holding LPG training for fire-fighters. The training concept has been continually improved and is a first-class tool for all operatives when it comes to supplying practical accident exercises related to LPG.

The training course consists of an experimental presentation where the special physical properties of the energy source LPG, safety regulations as well as information for the emergency response are discussed. The following station training, where road tankers and the structure of an LPG supply system are explained, also contains hand fire extinguisher exercises for all participants.

At the demonstration to follow, a LPG container is fired on from below to observe the response of the safety valve from a safe distance.

The special highlight of the LPG training course is the extinguishing exercise with the large flare where the operatives are vigorously challenged.


DrachenGas fire-fighter training process

The DrachenGas fire-fighter training takes place in the period between 1 March and 30 September.

The theoretical part of approx. 1.5 hours is followed by the practical part, also taking 1.5 hours. DrachenGas provides tankers, assembling staff, training staff and the training device for the theoretical and practical training.

After a prior discussion, the following should be prepared by the event organiser:

  • Training room and exercise premises at a site of your choice
  • Fire engines and hand fire extinguishers

Would you like to run an LPG training course for fire-fighters with DrachenGas and would you like more information and some detailed advice?

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