LPG-fuelled heat pumps

Heat pumps are a real energy miracle, they save costs and protect the climate. They don’t just just use free environmental heat from the earth, air or water – they are even suitable for cooling. Using LPG-fuelled heat pumps, you can achieve a level of effectiveness of over 100 %.

There are gas heating pumps with various heating and cooling functions. They are the ideal solution for your water heating, air conditioning, cooling for cold stores and dehumidification. In the course of modernising a heating system, a gas heating pump can also be combined with other processes such as gas condensing boiler technology and solar thermal energy.

Their area of use ranges from industry, gastronomy, swimming pools, hospitals right up to butcher’s shops. They are particularly suited to industrial use for effective cooling of stock rooms, or workplaces with a temperature critical environment, such as store rooms for food.


Advantages of LPG-fuelled heat pumps:

  • Low energy costs and savings of up to 50 % in contrast to conventional heating systems.
  • Protecting the climate and supporting environmental protection
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Also excellently suited to cooling, air-conditioning and air-humidifying
  • High degree of energy use of over 100 % possible
  • You receive incentives from the government (more information at bafa.de)

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