A great deal of energy is required each day in the hotel and restaurant sector. DrachenGas offers tailored energy solutions for every requirement to make your guests feel well cared for, and at the same time, help to reduce your operating costs. Whether creating the perfect feel-good atmosphere for your guests or preparing gourmet dishes – thanks to the environmentally-friendly energy from DrachenGas, you can cook, heat, cool, generate energy and produce warm water efficiently.

Benefit from the many LPG advantages: temperatures which you can regulate with precision, directly available heat, perfect economy thanks to the high fuel value, reliable supply in any situation with cylinder or container gas in accordance with DIN 51622, can be used with numerous kitchen appliances. Thanks to our sales network across Germany, you can also profit from particularly short supply times.

Cogeneration units (CHP plants) are becoming more and more interesting for the hospitality industry. Modernisation with a mini CHP plant makes good economical sense, especially for smaller operations.

Our energy system consultants are happy to provide an economic efficiency analysis for you, free or charge, and recommend the best solution for your own business. In cooperation with our partners, we guarantee a complete care-free service when planning, installing, assembling and maintaining your cogeneration unit.

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