Hall and large room heating

Larger areas and high ceilings place particular demands on heating: The heating systems used should offer the desired comfort, be economical in their consumption and also present the best choice in the overall cost considerations in connection with the investment costs. Here, directly-fuelled heaters have an important advantage over conventional systems in that they produce heat precisely where it is needed. Boilers and long supply lines are not required with this version. For the same heating comfort, directly-fuelled heaters are significantly cheaper to use and also in the overall cost considerations – in particular if modern appliances with condensing boiler technology are used.


It does not often make sense for economic reasons to heat up the whole room volume in large spaces such as factory halls, and it is not uncommon for it just to be local areas where heat is required. Here, luminous or radiant tube heating systems offer many possibilities for use. The pleasant radiant heat mainly occurs on the surfaces located within the heated area. As all of the air is not heated in this way, the low difference between internal and external temperature vastly reduces heat losses, even with doors which are opened frequently, and saves energy costs to a great extent. Whether its a luminous or radiant tube heater –Infra-red heating systems with LPG offer economic solutions which provide the optimum heat and feel-good factor at work.

Heating systems with LPG are efficient, can be used flexibly and impress with their tangible advantages:


  • The warm-up time is short, heat can be made available quickly.
  • Work or production places are heated in a targeted way, heat losses are reduced.
  • A high level of effectiveness is reached and up to 50% of energy costs are saved.
  • Thanks to their simple assembly and the corresponding low investment costs, LPG solutions are a great choice.
  • The reduced energy consumption also means that CO2 emissions are reduced and that an environmental contribution is made.


Whether warm-air heating, luminous or radiant tube heater – we are happy to help you work out which device optimally fulfils your requirements, and plan a tailored solution for you.

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