Process energy

LPG is an extremely versatile energy source and thus the ideal process energy. The metal industry in particular can use LPG for heating, reshaping, cutting or curing.


Furthermore, it can also be used for:

  • Autogenous technology (combustion of LPG with the addition of oxygen): including thermal cutting, soft-soldering, sanitising, de-rusting by flame-cleaning, hard-soldering
  • Heat treatment of materials: including blowing and melting glass, flame-curing, directly fuelled drying plants, heat treatment ovens.


The advantages:

  • High heat density for targeted heat concentration
  • Oxidising effect of the flame
  • Flame temperature softly adjustable
  • High economic efficiency
  • Safe handling, as there is no tendency to flashback
  • Depth penetration during the heat transition to the material being processed

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