Agriculture features numerous areas of application where clever energy supply solutions are in demand. Here, LPG offers many possibilities and is a real all-rounder. If you’re looking for a flexible, simple and economic alternative to fossil fuels or grid-based natural gas, you’ve found it with LPG.


To make things easier for farmers, DrachenGas offers energy concepts which increase efficiency and which are specially oriented around the production conditions of agricultural produce and the individual operational needs. LPG in combination with modern gas appliance technology delivers efficient and climate-protecting energy:


  • Stall livestock farming: LPG-fuelled radiant heating ensure the correct temperatures. The animals can be raised and kept under optimal conditions.
  • Field produce: Whether for drying grains or storing green fodder, fruit and vegetables – the flexible energy LPG ensures the high quality of your agricultural produce.
  • Industrial greenhouses: LPG is excellently suited to efficient heating and CO2 fertilisation. In this way, plants can grow well and free from pests.

Cogeneration units (CHP plants)

With an LPG-fuelled CHP plant, farmers can supply the whole farm with energy and reduce their own energy costs in the long term. Energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduce by more than one third when compared to separated heat and power generation in conventional power plants. Energy that is not used up can be sold to local energy providers via grid feed-in. A cogeneration unit in combination with LPG makes up the perfect energy team! It reduces your energy costs, cares for the climate and is sustainable.

Mobile LPG vat

One of the main advantages of LPG is its flexibility. It enables an economical and environmentally-friendly energy supply almost everywhere, even in water conservation areas and away from heating networks. And likewise our mobile LPG vat for environmentally-conscious weeding and pest control. In combination with a line burner, you can destroy troublesome weeds and kill off pests with heat, so that plant diseases don’t even occur. The vat can easily be attached to the tractor.

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