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There’s one for every purpose. For small and large loads, for even ground as well as for use with inclines and unevenness. Engine gas forklifts can be used for almost all work outdoors and in buildings, and they have a firm place in the product range of all noteworthy forklift manufacturers.

Engine gas forklifts usually cost less than models with other drive energies. Thanks to the simple cylinder changes or quick refuelling at the company filling station, engine gas forklifts are immediately ready to be used again, meaning they only have a minimal amount of downtime. This is a particularly significant advantage over the electric forklift. There is also no need for expensive charging stations and batteries (battery packs) which must be disposed of after use, requiring great effort. Engine gas forklifts allow you to be independent of changes in energy prices. In the building, the engine gas forklift does not require a soot filter as is required for the diesel variety, as engine gas produces low exhaust gas emissions compared to diesel combustion. Your employees will thank you, and your operating equipment, machines and stored goods will also stay clean.

Please also consider that engine gas significantly reduces the risk of theft when compared to diesel fuel. Finally, the engine is also better cared for thanks to the low residue combustion. This also affects the service life. More and more companies are opting for the advantages of gas engines.

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