Climate-neutral LPG
We work in a CO2-neutral way for a common, sustainable, future

As well as economic and social aspects, ecology is gaining more and more meaning. This is why we undertake to trade in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner. A path that will present us with challenges again and again, but we are firmly convinced that the accompanying efforts are worth it.

We see climate change as one of the most urgent issues of our time. This is why we had our CO2 footprint of around 2,290 tons determined by “Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG”, a consulting cooperative which specialises in producing CO2 balance sheets.

The calculation was based on the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol” standard, recognised worldwide. On one hand, all direct CO2 emissions from combustion processes were taken into account, for example from our fleet of vehicles or heating our building. On the other hand, as well as the indirect emissions of energy consumption, “Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG” also included such emissions which are caused by employee commutes, business trips, suppliers or the use of commercial documents, for example.

Since the beginning of 2016, we have been a 100% climate-neutral company: With participation in a climate protection project, we balance out all CO2 emissions from our business activities. The idea behind it: Climate change is a global phenomenon, both in its occurrence and in its consequences. It doesn’t stop at country borders. Regardless of where the emissions are produced, the dangers arising from them remain the same. By implication: If emissions are reduced anywhere in the world, the global balance benefits. With emission rights which are assigned by governments or else auctioned off, companies have the opportunity to support climate protection projects worldwide and thus to improve or offset their CO2 balance. A meaningful instrument of environmental politics with which changes can be made, in particular in countries with insufficient or non-existent environmental standards.

We have earned CO2 certificates wich support an anaerobic digestion and methane recovery system for wastewater treatment at a starch plant in Chaiyaphum province in northeastern Thailand. We have additional earned CO2 certificates which support several small wind farms in the Indian state of Maharashtra.This is how we balance out our annual CO2 emissions. We see this process as very important, and pointing the way, especially in developing and emerging companies.

Of course, we also still have the goal of optimising our treatment of natural resources and environmentally-friendly production processes, year by year.

You can also take on this responsibility: With DrachenGas LPG, in principle, you are deciding in favour of an environmentally-friendly energy source. With the climate-neutral LPG from DrachenGas, you are taking responsibility for the environment and climate, by compensating for your CO2 emissions by 100 %. How it works? It’s simple!

Let us advise you – you’ll soon see: If you choose LPG, you’re making the right choice!

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